Indian Regional and Cultural Center’s (IRCC) mission is to keep the rich culture and traditions of all regions and states of India through the encouragement and teaching of the culture and traditions to the younger generation. The IRCC will also promote our vivid culture of acceptance and unity with us.

It is the duty of the IRCC to showcase the brilliant culture and traditions which will further bring Americans and Indians together for the betterment of the society and lay a strong foundation of friendship.

Indian Culture shall be defined to include music, dance, festivals, cuisines, regional attire, respect for elders and the less fortunate, regional language, education and

IRCC hosts these 5 events throughout the year.  Please click on any one the boxes to get more info!






IRCC hosts these 5 events throughout the year. Apart from these events we encourage our members to participate in other charitable and non-profit functions that occur throughout the year and promote regional and cultural diversity among India and the rest of the world!

2014 Festival of Light Sponsors